Monthly Archives:April 2018

  • “There’s So Much Sunlight In The Whole City”

    A beautiful spring came this year. Clear sky, short sleeves, walks, bicycles, coffee in a café garden. It’s just fabulous.  

    It’s warm and sunny. High, bright interiors, large windows and sunny day – a dream! 


    Not necessarily in the morning after a lively and warm night ;). 


    We start this season with new improvements. Heavy and solid curtains hung in both bedrooms. 


    Oh what an elegant and dignified our larger bedroom has become. It’s mature :). 


    Precious greyness and satin structure have added not only functionality, but also a character. Don’t let the bright colour fool you. The curtains are super shaded and you can enjoy sleeping.  


    However, the smaller bedroom became more refined, without losing anything of its old charm. 


    Still romantic … not much, but for us, every single detail that will make the time here pleasant, relaxing and good is important.  


    We invite you in May! Book, because later available dates are only from mid-August.